Kwik-Pay Payroll Download

View or print the demonstration notes for instructions on how to install the software.

The demonstration version of Kwik-Pay is a full working copy that is free to use if you have up to five employees. If you create your own payroll database using the demonstration system and want to process more than 5 employees, you can continue using the same data by purchasing a registration key from Kwik-Pay Software using the order form page.

Download the Kwik-Pay Payroll Version 4 software install package
( 6.82mb, last updated 15 Dec 2018 )

Kwik-Pay Payroll Update
If you have already downloaded and installed a previous release of Kwik-Pay Payroll version 4, you can update your version 4 Kwik-Pay to the latest release by downloading and installing the following file instead of the complete install.

Download the Kwik-Pay Payroll Version 4 software update
( 4.80mb, last updated 15 Dec 2018 )

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